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Mimi Chérie is a line of fine handmade jewelry.

The elegance of our jewelry is built by abstract curves, sculptural shapes and smooth surfaces. The arts, design and beauty of women are the core of our inspiration. The company's creator is greatly inspired by what surrounds her on a daily basis: her friends, her urban environment in down town Quebec City and her travels. She allows herself to be imbued with what surrounds her, with futile things but also with realities that affect us all. Her sensitivity allows her to introduce a unique essence to each of her pieces.

Unique Elegant Quality

Women are the starting point of each collection. Our utopia is to create everyday jewelry that will bring out the strength, determination and beauty of every woman who wears Mimi Chérie. We want to empower women to assert their identity in their daily lives, at work or in their personal lives.

Quality is at the epicentre of our company's values. The objective is to confer to the jewel a deep sense of belonging and identity through its physical and aesthetic properties. We want our pieces to go through the years with grace. A high quality jewel will stay with you for a long time and carry important memories. Our creations will become yours for a lifetime.

We want to push innovation to its limits while keeping the basic techniques of jewelry making. All our pieces are made by the best artisans in the whole province of Quebec. In addition, we collaborate with local suppliers and subcontractors, whether it is for pearls, silver or promotional products. By working with the local workforce, we are feeding our ecosystem to ensure that our profession can persevere. We believe in craftsmanship and its innovative capabilities.

Michaëlle’s expertise and creativity, owner and artistic director, stems from studies in Fashion Design, her time spent learning jewelry design at l’École de Joaillerie de Québec (Quebec city Jewelry design School) , her years of experience in other various artistic field and above all, from an inspiring and supportive family. Mimi Chérie was the childhood nickname given to her, lovingly by her father. It has become the name of her brand since her creations, while emphasizing the beauty of those who wear them, depict a story and an emotion that women can take ownership.